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Demotivation CD for hiking in the Grand Canyon

Demotivation CD for hiking in the Grand Canyon ttttt

directions to my former apartment

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eHarmony Profile This is the profile I ended up with when I was a member of eHarmony. I had been on the site for a few months and wanted to quit but they kept sending me matches but saying I had to pay up or I'd never get to read about or contact the dream come true they had found just for me. Eventually I completely changed my profile in an attempt to stop the matches from coming, but their "29-steps of compatibility" screening process yielded even more matches to the new profile than the old. Now, THOSE girls I'd like to meet! I hope you get a good laugh out of it. Enjoy, -Gregor
Letter from US Dept. of Transportation This is an incredibly scary letter I got informing me of a very serious violation I had committed, the fines and jail time I was facing, the seriousness of the matter, etc., then letting me off THIS time with just a warning. I was getting on a plane and they help up the flight for half an hour because I had a lighter in my suitcase. A lighter. It wasn't even carry-on. I had checked the bag. Lunacy.
Happy Hijacking Day Happy Hijacking Day
Really, REALLY offensive "humor" Really, REALLY offensive "humor"
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