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3 Miniatures for Violin & Piano
Blue-eyed Matador
Electric Violin and 5 Violins
Gestures First Performance: Miller Theater NYC (1993) This piece was written by Arthur Kampela and dedicated to Gregor Kitzis, a virtuoso soloist and a great friend. Sample of live performance. Gestures is the slow evolving of non-conventional modes of playing (although ergonomically smooth) that gradually reaches the state of affairs normally found in the violin's traditional playing techniques. It uses a wealth of extended-techniques all under complex rhythmic "pressure" in order to accomplish a fair balance between pitch and noise zones.
Improv at Knitting Factory
Movement # 1
Movement # 2
Movement # 3
Para Manuel
Sonata for Violin & Piano
Stuck WIth You
Transformations # 2
World 97 for Violin & Percussion
Fall Down
Water Abacus
Gregor Kitzis Violinist Extroadinare
The Music of Gregor Kitzis
Gregor Kitzis Discography
Gregor Kitzis
International Words of Praise for Gregor Kitzis
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Gregor Kitzis
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